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The benefits of Hydromx®



Overview of benefits Hydromx


Saving energy = saving money

Hydromx® is the world's first commercially viable and academically recognized complete efficient heat transfer Nano fluid. Hydromx® is a trade secret protected and certified innovative Nanotechnology product that enables energy savings of 20% on associated HVAC bills with a guaranteed return on investment of 3 years on average.

Save energy

Protection against corrosion

Corrosion is a common problem that can cause your system to destroy zone valves, tanks, ball and check valves, etc. To avoid this problem, corrosion preventatives are added to the mixture, which in turn reduce the thermal conductivity of the water. based solution.

Protection against freezing and cracking

Glycol is the most commonly used antifreeze in the industry. While this agent protects the system from most freezing temperatures, it also reduces the thermal conductivity of the fluid in the system. Hydromx achieves very safe freezing temperatures (-36°C) that protect the system against freezing while delivering energy savings.

Solutions overview

Installation protection

Hydromx® provides complete protection against limescale without reducing the efficiency of your system. Domestic water with a high mineral content (or “hard water”) can cause the build-up or build-up of mineral (calcium) deposits in hydronic heating/cooling systems. In systems that use other types of heat transfer fluids (e.g. glycol, antifreeze), scale may form on the surface of the heat exchanger.

Protection against Bacteria

Hydromx® protects your system against the occurrence of pseudomonas and legionella bacteria. Thanks to its unique formula, Hydromx® works to eliminate these dangerous bacteria without reducing the efficiency of the system.

Cool faster and warm faster

In cooling systems , compared to water, Hydromx® provides 37% faster heat transfer – transferring the same amount of heat in a much shorter time. The energy efficiency of Hydromx® is based on reducing compressor run time and increasing the required ambient temperature limits for free cooling to -43ºC.

With Hydromx® in your heating system,   you shorten the total runtime of your system by transferring the energy produced much faster and more efficiently. In addition, heat loss at the flue gas temperature (3°C) is also reduced by the use of Hydromx®. This way, the same amount of energy is transferred much faster, creating efficiency and savings on your energy bill.

Reducing CO2 emissions is our goal for a better future

To protect the sustainability of life on Earth, it is imperative that we reduce the amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

The International Energy Outlook predicts that global energy consumption will grow by 56% between 2010 and 2040.

Therefore, the world is facing rising energy demand and costs, as well as the consequences of global warming caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Hydromx®-Nano heat transfer fluid meets this global challenge on a scale unlike any other product or technology available to date.

Save the planet

We have been tested and verified

Since the discussion about the existence of Nano fluids ends with the US patent, Hydromx® is now the only viable, viable, commercially available and non-toxic product. It is at an affordable price, environmentally neutral and NON-TOXIC. Hydromx® has been approved by NSF for HT1 and HT2 certification as a non-toxic product meeting the patent requirement.

NSF approved

NSF approved

Hy dromx has been tested and approved by NSF for the health and durability of the closed loop system. Not only do we care for the environment by reducing energy consumption, but we also provide the best protection formula for HVAC machines.

4x system protection

4X system protection

With Hydromx you no longer need water treatments. You can rest assured that you have four times better system protection against:
Scale formation

PCA and EPD verified

It has been verified by the LCA and EPD reports that Hydromx contributes to the new LEED v.4 standard on three different topics as a green and sustainable solution.
Optimization of energy performance.
Reducing the impact of the building life cycle.
Disclosure and optimization of construction products

Types of Hydromx®

Hydromx Blue

Glycol type                         Propylene

Mixture                               50/50

NSF Category                    HT1

Freezing point                    -36ºC

Crack protection                -51ºC

Full System Protection      Complete

Warranty                             20 years

Recyclable                          Yes

Hydromx Red

Glycol type                             Monoethylene

Mixture                                   50/50

NSF Category                        HT2

Freezing point                       -44ºC

Crack protection                   -60ºC

Full System Protection         Complete

Warranty                                20 years

Recyclable                             Yes

Hydromx Blue
Hydromx ed
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