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HBO Broadcasting Center NY


In this field study, two business-critical data rooms in HBO's office and data center in Hauppauge, New York, were compared.

HBO engineers installed Hydromx® in one of two 20-ton Libert units for this trial. The Server#3 chamber was cooled using Hydromx, and the other chamber, MPEG#4, was cooled using a 40/60 mixture of glycol and water. The load difference between these rooms is 47.5%, with Server#3 having the largest load.


“After months of testing, I'm extremely pleased to report that the results were better than expected,” said HBO chief engineer Desmond Cooke.

In total, HBO achieved energy savings of 35% with the Hydromx. An external monitoring company confirmed the results: an annual saving of 65,000 kWh. Hydromx reduced compressor operating hours by an average of 46%, extending equipment life. The CRAC units had 90% more free cooling hours. HBO estimates that their return on investment for the Hydromx installation is only 12 months.

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